Lawn Mowing in Punta Gorda, FL

Lawn Cutting

Ensure your lawn always looks its best with the routine maintenance offered by Arrows Landscaping. We offer affordable lawn cutting services and use the leading tools and methods to ensure your lawn is clean and pristine. Let us handle the lawn work all year long so you don't have to.


Hedges and trees are a major component of your residential or commercial landscape. Trees and hedges can live for decades and require proper care to ensure they live and thrive for that long. We can handle all of your hedging needs to ensure that your hedges and ornamental trees are healthy and strong for years to come.

Weed Eating

Weeds are a constant problem for yards and properties everywhere. They compete with your grass and garden plants for water and nutrients, while being an unsightly mess that can quickly overrun your entire lawn. Let Arrows Landscaping handle the hard work of removing your weeds with our weed control services that will keep your yard healthy and green.

Clean Up

When seasons change, the mess left behind by fallen leaves can be problematic. However, Arrows Landscaping offers spring cleanup services that can remove fallen leaves, sticks, and Also include the tidying up of your yard while pruning your trees and shrubs. Let us help you enjoy the next season with a clean and tidy lawn at an affordable price.


Our experienced lawn care and landscape technicians have years of experience installing mulch in both residential and commercial settings. During your consultation, our staff will discuss your landscaping goals and determine the right kind of mulch for you. Estimating the amount of mulch an area needs can be tricky, but our highly-trained staff are experts and will ensure that the perfect amount of mulch is applied to your property, saving you money and reducing waste.

Plant Install

Arrows Landscaping offers complete design, installation, and maintenance services for the plants to ensure that they reach optimal growth and health. Various factors affect the health of plants and trees. Before installation, we evaluate your space. We will consider light requirements, available space, soil conditions, water requirements, and plant growth rates, among other factors. After determining that the site is a safe, healthy place for a plant, we will take special care to install each plant according to its specific needs.

Sod Install

Growing a yard from grass seed takes time and patience that you may not have. However, you can skip all the steps and get a great looking yard immediately with the sod installation services from Arrows Landscaping. We have years of experience in installing and nurturing healthy sod lawns for our customers. We utilize only the best products and provide our services at a reasonable price, and our sod installation is guaranteed to be weed and pest free.

Tree Maintenance

Whether you need a tree trimmed or removed, Arrows Landscaping offer tree maintenance services that are available to ensure your trees remain healthy and thriving, and are removed when they become a danger to your property. We have extensive training, skills, and equipment to handle any tree trimming or removal services, large or small.

Pet Waste Management

At Arrows Landscaping, we offer pet waste management for your yard, whether it's made of natural grass, artificial turf, flower beds, or any additional landscapes, we utilize non-toxic disinfection and deodorization services to ensure your yard is in the best shape despite its contact with pet waste.


Let us maintain clean lines on your lawn while maintaining your curb appeal. The landscaping experts at Arrows Landscaping can perform hardline edging to provide clean lines along your driveways, curbs, and walkways after your lawn cutting services. We will work to ensure all of the edges of your property are trends and maintained within a uniform lawn height.